5 Habits Women Have That Are Harmful For Them!

Fast paced lifestyles, working schedules and multiple roles played by women, leaves her with much less time for herself. However, little do they release that while they run around to manage all of this well, many of their choices are actually harmful for them. Here is a list of habits that many of the working women practice in their day to day life and unknowingly put themselves to a high risk of health problems.

1 . Tight Fitted Clothing

-Rather than blindly following the ongoing trends in the fashion industry, one must prioritize comfort and health over others.

-Skinny and tight fitting jeans compress the nerves of the legs and lower abdomen and thereby reduce the blood flow to the lower legs. Unfortunately, in severe cases it can even lead to muscle damage, swelling and numbness.

-Tight clothing has also been found to be the major cause of recurring yeast infections. Therefore, make sure you choose clothes that are comfortable rather than only being smart.

2 . High Heels

-Heels not only add glamor and elegance to your look, but also has been found to put you at an increased risk of health problems.

-Regular use of high heels cause pain in your heels, back and knees. They also shorten your calf muscles and stiffens your Achilles tendon.

-Try and alter your footwear daily. You can pick a high heeled shoe for a day and alter it with a flat shoe the other day. This will put you at a decreased risk of forming bunions, hammertoes and ingrown toenails.

3 . To Pick A Pill Over Condoms

-Condoms offers protection against unplanned pregnancy and averts the occurrence of sexually transmitted infections.

-Unprotected sexual relationships predispose the women to several harmful infectious diseases caused by gonorrhoea and chlamydia.

-Use of oral contraceptives not only alter your hormonal levels, but my have several side-effects such as weight gain, headaches and irregular periods.

4 . Wearing Colored Lenses

-Colored contact lenses will add t