Diabetes Complications: 6 Practical Ways To Avoid Them!

Living healthy with Diabetes demands a lot of care and responsibility. If taken too lightly, people with diabetes may have to deal with long term and short complications. Therefore, it is important for you to get regular checkups to detect any complications and practice ways to avoid these.

Here are some useful tips that may help you avoid diabetes complications:

1 . Quit Smoking

-Smoking has been found to directly increase the risk of several diabetes complications such as, cardiovascular disorders, stroke, eye diseases, nerve damage and kidney damage

-It has also been found to reduce blood flow in the legs/ feet and other body extremities. Irregular blood flow can lead to infections and unwanted ulcers that can only be managed by removal.

-Talk to your doctor and help yourself quit smoking.

2 . If You Drink, Do So In Moderation

-Excessive drinking has been found to significantly affect ones’ health and adversely affects your health if you have diabetes.

-It can cause unexpected spikes in your sugar levels. It is very important to eat while you drink, to minimize the effects of alcohol on your overall body.

-When you are partying, make sure you drink in moderation. Avoid creamy and heavy meals while drinking. Instead include snacks.

3 . Keep A Check On Your Cholesterol And Blood Pressure

-High blood pressure is harmful for the blood vessels and elevated cholesterol is also a concern for people with diabetes.

-High levels of cholesterol and blood pressure can further worsen your health.

-Eat a healthy diet that is high in fibre and low in fats. Include green vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds to your daily diet.

4 . Pay Attention To Your Feet

-Elevated blood sugar levels reduces the blood flow and gradually damages the nerves of the extremities such as the feet causing foot complications.

-In case the injuries in the feet are left unattended, they may adversely affect the feet and cause loss of sensation as well.

-Wash your feet daily. Donot soak your feet for an extended time span. Dab them well to keep them dry. Moisturize your feet and regularly check them for calluses, blisters, sores and other injuries.