Summers are around the corner, 

So are the summer internships. But, are you ready to put an impact on your boss?

Research identified that between the college education students receive and the demands of today’s premium organizations there was a gap of six key skills and  if things continued this way, India would soon see a crisis in the work-readiness space.


A real crisis – one that has the potential to disillusion our youth and affect the health of our economy. So Here we present a work readiness program followed by pre internship program with the aim to bridge the gap between what colleges teach and what organizations look for. After a year of conducting research at several organizations and running pilots at a few leading colleges in India, we found that less than 60% of the students surveyed felt ready for a front-office job.


Less than 50% had someone to go to for advice on their life path. Almost 50% of students at top undergraduate universities in India do not secure work internships in their college years, which makes their first job the first time they have ever worked.

Get yourself internship ready with sessions by corporate experts and their personal mentorship.

The students are hand-picked and taken through a rigorous combination of training, mentorship, feedback and work immersion. Assured summer internships are provided to students keeping in mind their interests in the best companies as per their scores. This holi we unveil the final batch at 60% off starting mid march. So apply before the deadline to get lined up for the interview and book your seat.




  • Communication Skills

  1. 6 c’s of Communication skills.

  2. Creativity in writing for better content.

  3. Master the Skill of Communication.

  4. Body language and making a lasting impression with non-Verbal Communication.

  5. How to judge people and deal with them.

  6. How to win friends and influence people.

  • Insight of Speech and Presentation

  1. Impromptu and Extempore to be Spontaneous.

  2. Become a Great story teller, Role plays & event anchoring.

  3. Heart winning content tips and lost art of great speech.

  4. PPT, Prop & Sales Presentation, Master the contemporary of presentation skills.

  5. Mentorship One on One session with trainers.

  6. Presentation and Stage Fear removal.

  • Interview and Job Skills

  1. Telephonic conversation practice (formal & informal).

  2. SWOT Analysis; Resume writing to mock interview sessions.

  3. Group discussion & debates with the best tricks to nail it.

  4. Interpersonal skills & meeting etiquette. 

  • Personality Development

  1. How to deal with Changes in life.

  2. Non verbal skills- Body language & voice modulation.

  3. Get rid of stage fright & build confidence building.

  4. Be magical at podium. Table manners and fitness tips.

  5. To overcome anxiety and nervousness.

  6. How to planning into action.

  7. Dealing with relationship.

  8. Interpersonal skills.

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